Fun In-Home Activities for Adults

Maybe I have an exorbitant amount of hobbies compared to most, but I am just not relating to the “I’m bored” posts on Instagram. There are just SO many things I love doing at home! I’ve never really been somebody who gets bored, period, so maybe that explains my lack of empathy with the now “boredom” epidemic. Either way, I am hoping this blog can help at least one person entertain themselves during these quarantine days.

Here are 5 of my fav in-home activities that keep me busy, entertained, in control, and to maintain a positive attitude during such scary and uncertain times.


I discovered an amazing article from Good Housekeeping on trash-to-treasure project ideas. If this doesn’t inspire you to upcycle something in your house, I’m not sure anything would. Here are a few of the ideas I’m most interested in:

  • Old brick -> Planter
  • Paint bucket -> Ice bucket
  • Paper rolls -> Wall organizer
  • Coffee can -> Planter
  • Pickle jars -> Apothecary jars
  • Salsa jars -> Candle jars

Try a new recipe!

This has been SO fun for me! I usually stick with my old faithful recipes from bloggers I have followed for years, but lately, I have challenged myself to seek out other accounts through Instagram for new recipe inspo! 

I have also started baking more, but that’s only because Paleo Running Momma’s new cookbook has inspired me to! Baking isn’t easy, I get it, but the end result is (usually) worth it. Now is the perfect time to practice, too!

Here is a sneak peek of the 3 bloggers (their Insta is linked on the corresponding photo) I have recently saved AMAZING recipes from:

Sew something!

I decided to dust off my sewing machine, look up beginner projects, and try not to sew my fingernail. I’ve seen that happen on Project Runway (watch it here!) and it’s not pretty.

Two items I made include a simple face mask #becausenowmandatoryhere & a small “lay flat storage bag” to hold Valerie’s AirPods and two chargers. Y’all. These projects were so rewarding, fun, and addicting. I am itching to start a new sewing project!

Simple paper crafts!

Now is the time to delve into your creativity! Get out a box from your attic and paintjournal, drawprint, or sketch on old book pages or a paper map – they make a gorgeous canvas! Plus, you don’t need that paper map anymore anyway?! I printed a black and white wedding day photo of my mom and me on an old dictionary page and it turned out beautiful! I have also stenciled a quote on a map page & then used that to cover the back of a plain clipboard. 

My newest desire is to craft some spring decor since I am, for now, unable to spend way too much time and money at Home Goods shopping for my seasonal needs. Wouldn’t a bright spring floral design be fun to paint?! If you have kids, have them join you with watercolors! Of course, I say that because I don’t have kids and thus don’t have to worry about cleaning that mess up lol. But, #worthit.

Here are the websites I went to for my recent crafting inspo:

Take an online class!

There are myriad resources out there and it can be overwhelming. I get it. Plus, you may not think there’s a class topic to spark your interest- but then you’d be incorrect. There. Is. Something. For. Everybody.

Here are some FREE classes provided by credible universities:

If you want to learn a skill, try these FREE courses on SkillShare:

…there are SO many more classes available for any and everything, so I challenge you to find one that lights your soul on fire and complete it within the next 4 weeks!

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  1. Love the upcycle ideas. This is the first I’ve heard of this term. Thanks for the great ideas – I know my girls will find one they love!

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