Helpful “Hall of Shame” Stuff

Here is the helpful stuff mentioned in my Toxic “Hall of Shame” blog post. I wanted to compile this list of links to make it easier for you as you start the “clean journey” – a journey that begins with your toxic household products. Eeeek!


Healthy Living App

This app allows you to look up products & see, instantly, if it’s “keep” or “toss” worthy. Check it out! Available for Apple & Android.


Kelli Tennant Podcast

Full list of her episodes
Episode #071 that got me hooked on her ways


Netflix Documentary

Even if you aren’t a documentary buff, do me a favor and watch: Stink!


Product Websites Links

Love Wellness: Natural Wellness & Person Care Products
Primally Pure Skincare
Blue Haven Holistics
Puracy Home Care and Personal Care Products
ATTITUDE – Natural Personal Care & Household Products
Branch Basics Home Cleaning Products
Alaffia Whole Body Care
Be Green Bath and Body


CBS News article

“Hall of Shame” – Read about the worst chemical-ridden products!


A website for those who want to do extra chemical research!

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) Toxic Substances Portal.


Ok, now, get started! 


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Featured image credit goes to: Primally Pure