“Journaling” Insta post product links

Journaling is something I encourage eeeeeverybody to do! Journaling can be personalized for anybody and you do NOT have to be creative to get in to it! If you like to write, perfect. If you don’t, doodle! If you like a little bit of both, BULLET JOURNAL! I’m obsessed. But pleeease don’t look at Pinterest to get ideas…unless you are cRaZy, uber creative or ridiculously artsy! Otherwise, it can be intimdating AF.

To get you started, I’m listing my personal bullet journal, pens, and stencils that keep me motivated to journal!

Here are a few photos of my bullet journal. The sky is the limit with these. Find what works for you, set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to journal 10 minutes a day, and let me know how it’s going. Even better, send me a picture of yours!







……you looked “bullet journaling ideas” up on Pinterest, didn’t you?! Smh.