Self-love is the new skinny.


Blog about your jam. Blog about what you’re an expert in. The Influencer Podcast taught me that your “expert” title comes from you, yourself. Sure, you need some evidence to back it up…but you can absolutely label yourself an expert. Am I a counselor? A therapist? Not at all…but when it comes to negative self-talk, unfortunately, I have a lot of experience. Hence my “expert” talk. I’m not proud; hence I work on it daily. You can Google your heart out, read books, seek advice…but for me, I just had to attack it with a math-mind. Find why I do this. When it is that I say negative things in my head. Go back in time to Algebra 1 and find “x.” This blog post will only cover one “x” though. I’ve got to save some material for future posts. Ha.

My x = my hair. I’d say negative things about my hair. It then led to me thinking my entire appearance was flawed because of my hair. I think I saw too many “mermaid hair” Instagram posts, possibly. Maybe it was because I’ve been told I need to cover my forehead some- get bangs they said. Maybe it was because I was told my hair looked bad in a ponytail. It’s nobody’s fault but mine, though. I felt the way I did because of me. I tried numerous hair products, hairstyles, I went through a phase of wearing hats every single day…I tried it all, I thought. I needed to solve for my “x.” Introducing hair extensions. Some of you may be thinking it’s a superficial move. But for me, it was all about confidence. I simply wanted to be able to braid my hair to the side and SEE my braid, oh, and have it stay there. Maybe that sounds silly. But for me, it was one little thing I did for myself to improve confidence and negative self-talk. I didn’t do this for anybody but myself. I didn’t do this to look more “Instagramable.” I did this to have one less thing to cut down in my head about my self. This was about me.

Whatever your “x” is- find it & fix it. Do what you need to do to feel OK about it. Be sure you DO IT FOR¬†YOURSELF, though. If it doesn’t hurt you, of course. Or set you back financially. Or, I don’t know, have any other negative repercussions. Then, accept it. Own it. Compliment it. And eventually…’s like magic. You have more self-love. You talk kind to yourself. You look at photos, for example, and think about the fun times you had. You reflect on the great memories. The old you would hone in on the aspect you don’t love about yourself. But not the new you. Nope. That’s so last week.


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