“Done is better than perfect.”

Do you ever hold off on doing something because you want to make sure it’s perfect, first?? ME TOO! But theeeen I saw my new favorite saying: “Done is better than perfect”…I wanted to argue it, at first. However. It’s so true. What will my first blog post be about? How will I set the tone for you, my readers? What will the first picture be? What filter will I use? Does that all give you anxiety? SAME! The best “first post” will be one that is completed, rather than housing in my head. One that is organic, and straight from my heart. One that is true to what’s on my mind, and most importantly…one that can resonate with those who read it, and hopefully, somehow, have a meaningful & positive influence.

So HI! I’m Holly, founder of what will one day be a company (you saw it here first!) called “cutesmartkind.” I’m currently a teacher that has a desire to make her side hustle a career. My mom, which was an inspiration for my blog/future business name, always said I “need to do something with my creativity and talents.” I never knew what that looked like/meant until I really started following my favorite influencers {see who they are at the end of my post!} on Instagram. Also, it wasn’t until recently that I had enough confidence to be vulnerable with the world and “go for it” even if I failed. Regret is a hard feeling to cope with, and I didn’t/don’t want any part of it.

So what exactly do I do? What are my talents? Creativity in what sense? Welllll, I like to design things, period. ++Caution! Background story coming!++ When I was about 11, my late grandpa “hired” me to decorate 50 buckets ($1/bucket) that were to be used in our Tex-Mex restaurant, Zocalos. I also remember him asking for my input on our menu’s design. My usual random doodles turned to menu designs until I exhausted every creative cell in my brain. I loved it. Ever since then, I’ve had a passion for design/creating logos. I started off as an advertising major in college (because of some mandatory career test in high school), but switched to a different, safer degree. After hearing speakers from New York and Los Angeles talk explain their everyday career life, I panicked. Nobody (that I am aware of) in my family ventured off to a big city 9-5 job. It wasn’t what we did.

So here I am now, in 2018, with the courage to do more. To design things from greeting cards, to bathroom hand towels, to coffee mugs, to organizational tools, to shirts, etc. Of course, those are big ticket end goal items. For now, I want to get to know you, my audience. I want to post content to help YOU feel cute(r), live smart(er), & to teach you ways to be kind(er) to yourself. If only I would’ve had help with this earlier on?! Oh well, I may, then, would have gotten in the way of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ successes. You’re welcome, Chip. [Kidding.]

{ PaleOMG, Lauren Kay Sims, & Julie Solomon. }

Done is better than perfect. — Sheryl Sandberg

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