Products in your home are toxicAF.

When you know better, you do better. I wouldn’t consider myself a holistic goddess, but I do prefer to use natural products as much as possible. Why write about this? Because I want to encourage YOU to do the same!

CHALLENGE: Find ONE thing in your bathroom that has “fragrance” as an ingredient & replace it with a natural, like-product. Deal?!

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“Why would I want to do that?”
Because you have one body. Why fill it with toxins? Alternatively, love it and take care of it. Instead of paraphrasing Kelli Tenant now, I’ll link you to her →Podcast← that first got me thinking about the products lurking in my home. Of course, I then did more research myself due to Kelli’s motivational ways. I downloaded helpful apps. I watched a scary documentary on Netflix. All I can say is: I feel lied to. I don’t see how some of the products available to us on store shelves are a thing?! I always thought that if they were readily available, they are ok to use. Boy was I wrong.

If you feel lost or confused already, no worries. I’ve linked some helpful stuff for you on my “(So) Extra” page. That way, you can formulate your own thoughts & opinions, check out some product options, and decide what you do from there.

“Ok, fine. I’ll replace ONE thing from my bathroom. Where do I find these products?”
Here are some sites to get you moving in the right direction:
Love Wellness: Natural Wellness & Person Care Products
Primally Pure Skincare
Blue Haven Holistics
Puracy Home Care and Personal Care Products
ATTITUDE – Natural Personal Care & Household Products
Branch Basics Home Cleaning Products
Alaffia Whole Body Care
Be Green Bath and Body

Not only do the products from the brands above help us detox our bodies of harmful chemicals, but they also look way cute sitting out- which is equally as important. 🙂

love wellness all products squre Primally-Pure-3990868833-1563479946794.png Blue-Haven-Shaving-Cream.jpeg Puracy

Ok, get started on this “clean journey” and let me know how it goes…

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.” 
-Matt Bevin

Ps. If you REALLY want to dive into household product ingredients & their harmful effects, go to: Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) Toxic Substances Portal. Then, search for an ingredient you’re unfamiliar with from a label in a product you home, & read your heart out. Example: One of the first ingredients I looked up was “2-butoxyethanol” found in “Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.” Read the shocking report here. (Disclosure: I found this ingredient as I read through the “Hall of Shame” article from CBS News. I then, in a low-key state of fear, proceeded to look up ingredients from my personal products. Our trash bag was extra heavy that week…)

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