What’s the #1 dream killer?

Doubt. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” As the newness of our January resolutions die off, we seem to doubt ourselves more and more.

How many of these statements have you said to yourself?

  • I will never get down to my goal weight.
  • I am not in good enough shape to even workout.
  • I will never get this house organized- it’s a mess!
  • Promotion? They will never give that to me.
  • I couldn’t make that myself! I’m not crafty enough.

Well, you aren’t alone…trust me. I’ve said four of them myself. In my mid-twenties, I dreamed of being close to my high school weight. Dreamed of a lifestyle where I was active & healthy. Dreamed of having a Type-A, Martha Stewart-organized home. I dreamed of having a craft room where I could have a creative outlet- even though all I had ever made before was a quad-fold card in Microsoft Word. All things pretty unrealistic at the time, all that I doubted, all things I’ve made happen. Once you get rid of your doubt, magic happens. And who doesn’t like magic?!

So, how can you get past the doubt? How can you accomplish your dreams- no matter how big or small?

Some say to set goals. Which, yes, is a start! However, if I set goal after goal after goal, and still feel a mile away from my dreams, then I get super discouraged. So here’s my suggestion: Track your accomplishments! If you are a list person, great- make a to-do/dream/goal list, and when you accomplish one, mark a single line through it as a visual that YES, yes you CAN accomplish things- because I see it. Right there on my list. If you are super visual, I bet you love the thought of a vision board. Yes, me too! So, great, make one…but also make a “brag board”. Instead of visuals of dreams only, designate a board to post things you HAVE done in order to get closer to your dreams

You are smart. You CAN reach your dreams. Just ditch the doubt…

If you want to see a blog on how I made my dream/brag board, lemme know- I can make that happen!

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