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I stumbled upon a yoga towel the other day whilst wasting time finishing a short hike and picking up BBQ (with a pint of mac and cheese). Then, I kept shopping around….why? Because Five Below is like the Target dollar spot– which, these days, is a $3/$5 spot. But anyway, if you’ve avoided Five Below in fear of being the oldest by 15+ years, think again. This store is not just for teenagers!

When it comes to fitness, accessories can be expensive. Especially when it’s accessories like yoga mats, towels, shaker bottles, etc that can get, well, nasty af real quick and best if replaced. Insert Five Below where everything is, as you guessed it, $5 or below. Whoever came up with that name……genius. And nope. I don’t get kick-backs, free stuff, etc. They have no idea who I am. I just have a slight obsession and wanted to share 🙂

Oh! Also, pro parenting tip from somebody that’s not a parent: This is a GREAT place to take your children. Give them $5 (ok, or $10 tightwad) and say, ok, you can spend this much and that’s it. It’s hard to do that in other stores as nothing is $5 anymore. My grandma used to do this with me (well, it was $20- but we didn’t live in the same town so ya know…gotta get grandma spoiled when you can) in Toys R Us & I loved it…and shockingly enough, I didn’t go over. It also helped me to practice my money adding skills and to become more cognizant of what things cost!


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“Sometimes a workout is all the therapy you need.”

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